The Carrigart Hotel

Newly refurbished and sitting at the top of the town the Carrigart Hotel has reopened its doors. 
Offering food and drink, the hotel is only 4 kilometres from Davey Johns Forge.

Discover the Charm of North Donegal: From Davey Johns Forge to the Carrigart Hotel

The Carrigart Hotel, a past symbol of elegance and history, has recently undergone a significant transformation, blending its rich heritage with modern luxury. Just four kilometers from Davey John’s, the hotel bar and restaurant is now ready to welcome guests with its sophisticated charm, offering an array of amenities and the warm hospitality Donegal is renowned for.

Mickey Stephen's Bar at the Carrigart Hotel
Inside the bar in the carrigart hotel
Walshes Snug in the Carrigart Hotel

If your staying with us at Davey John’s and would like to experience a taste of Victorian grandeur with a modern twist, pop up to the hotel and ask for Tony at the bar. Tell him you’ve come from Davey Johns and he’ll surely guide you through all the hotel has to offer including excellent food from Thursday to Sunday. With a focus on live music the hotel is already proving popular with our guests and those on a night out from Downings, Milford and Letterkenny.

If you’re intrigued by the history and transformation of this iconic establishment, further details can be explored through the wondeful account by locally born Angela on her blog on A Silver Voice from Ireland and a recent article on the Donegal Daily, which chronicle the Hotel’s journey from its Victorian origins to its current status as a beacon of modern luxury and hospitality in the heart of Donegal.

It’s wonderful to see the hotel open again and we wish the Boyle family all the best as they work hard to reinstate this much loved amenity in the locality.